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In the summer, spends a lot of time in our gardens. The fresh air and lush landscaping are what we love. But is there something else? Is there something rusty or piled up in a corner? Summer is the best time to get rid of all that junk. What do you do if the items are too large to fit in your trash bin?

Large Junk to be disposed of

You can have a lot of materials in your yard and they need to be disposed of with care. You might have leftover materials from a previous construction project, or even a patio that was removed. Others might be broken or old and are just sitting there, deteriorating every day. It would be wonderful to get rid of these items and free up space in your yard.

You may find the following junk in your yard:

  • Broken Lawn Mowers
  • Old Garden Tools
  • Charcoal or gas grills damaged
  • Rusted Freestanding Fire Pits
  • Deck Building Materials Leftover
  • Pavers and Stones for a Removable Patio
  • Take out damaged arbors or trellises from garden
  • Unused Bird Feeders and Squirrel Feeders
  • Busted Sporting Equipment (i.e., canoes, kayaks, bicycles, paddleboards, etc.)
  • Rusted Patio Furniture
  • Non-Running ATVs and motorcycles
  • Delectable Swing Sets
  • Cracked Oversized Planters

Larger items can be difficult to dispose of due to their weight. Some companies allow customers to schedule bulk item pickups, while others don’t. Some communities also have big item disposal days every year. If this happens, homeowners will have to haul the items to the dump. But what if they don’t have a truck to transport the items?

Junk Removal Companies

Waste management residential junk removal companies can help homeowners get rid of their yard junk. They will take away anything that fits in their trucks. Although there are some restrictions on biological waste and hazardous materials, most other items can be hauled away.

Junk removal companies that are environmentally responsible don’t just take stuff to the dump. They will sort the items, and depending on their condition, recycle, donate or dispose of them.

What about yard waste?

Some companies will take yard waste (leaves and branches, stumps, etc.) Some companies do, while others don’t. Contact a company to remove your yard waste and make mulch or compost from it.

When you’re prepared to clear the clutter from your yard, consider hiring a junk removal service. As an environmentally conscious junk removal service, Dumpster rental in Lancaster PA recycles, donates, and properly disposes of everything they pick up.

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