Ice creams

Ice creams are the best dessert choice all around the world. Wherever it is talked about they are known and popular too. This would be very weird and inappropriate to say that these are the dessert type not everyone knows and this is because of their universality.

Cone ice creams

Cone ice creams are the kinds of ice creams enjoyed to another level due to their cones. Their cones normally have chocolates at their end and that makes them a lot more lovable than the other types of ice creams. Normally ice creams can be in other forms too such as in cups, bars, boxes, etc. but the best one is the cones.

Custom cone sleeves

Cone sleeves are the packaging material to be used for the cones. Boxes are not apt for them so this advancement was done here and cone sleeves were made. These cone sleeves can be made into even better forms of themselves by customizing them and then they will be known as the custom cone sleeves.

  1. Material

The material of the custom cone sleeves plays a great role in the protection of the product present inside the cone. The ice cream even if melts has to be protected by the cone sleeves until the sleeve is opened for being eaten. That is when the purpose of the ice cream cone sleeve is done.

  1. Lamination

Laminations are the very first layers of colors made or done on the custom cone sleeves. They play a role as the basic theme setter of the campaign or the product and even of the whole brand. The three laminations are matte, soft touch, and gloss, and they are the most loved ones of all.

  1. Color

The color of the cone should hold a message within itself. For example, the flavor of the ice cream can be represented by the custom cone sleeves easily. For instance, the chocolate flavor of ice cream can be depicted by the color of the cone sleeves. There are a lot of such times too that people expect the ice cream to be chocolate due to their cone sleeve color but they turn out to be a different flavor and that thing is not good for the reputation of your company.

  1. Size

The size of the cones is the most important factor out of all others and this is because the cone sleeve has to fit the cone otherwise all other decors and arrangements are going to go in vain. The size of the cone has to be provided to the company by the client and even if not done so the company should ask for it by itself.

  1. Printing

Printing might be the last step of the packaging manufacture but they are technically the first because that is when you get to see if your design looks good in person and if the colors that you have chosen look as good and bright as they did on the computer screen. There is always a lot of difference in designs from what they look on the screen and on the paper. That is why it is important to print samples before doing the whole actual lot.


In order to get stunning custom boxes you have to understand the technique of doing so. Planning everything is very important because a mind map helps a lot in making your ways of doing things a lot easier than they normally are or seem. Doing things right first is not a good concept because there are maximum chances of such things not happening at all. Planning, gathering the ingredients, and then starting to execute your plan is the best way of doing things.

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