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There are certain key features of logo design that propels it from being simply presentable and good to iconic. The following are 10 key features that every iconic logo design possesses that you should know. I have mentioned only the most notable features in this article that you should be cognizant of. These go as follow:


The key is to keep things simple. The most effective logos don’t have many elaborate elements, shadows, or even several colors. The most memorable logos are the ones that are easiest to remember.

Consider the modern day’s most well-known logos: Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and WhatsApp. They are all one-color, flat graphics that are extremely sharp and detailed. In conclusion? Don’t make things too complicated.

Geometric Shapes and Forms:

You might be shocked to learn that the viewer’s reaction to particular logo shapes can be either good or negative. Geometric figures like triangles, squares, and rhombuses all have unique connotations or characteristics.

For instance, the first one, triangles, can stand for strength, power, and stability. Numerous well-known companies, including Adidas, Delta, and Airbnb, have chosen to incorporate triangles into their logo designs.

Here are a few points to bear in mind regarding the significance of several other forms of design:

a) Squared:

Some of the most well-known companies in the world have opted to use the shape in their brand designs, as is mentioned below. It largely has to do with visuals’ dependability and trustworthiness. Since they have four sides as well, squares are also utilized to convey growth and direction.

b) Circular:

Despite not being a true geometric shape, it can be seen in many distinct logo designs. This is primarily due to the circle’s symbolic meaning of creativity and freedom. Additionally, it fosters a sense of community among the customers.

Similarly to this, businesses like Microsoft have chosen squares to emphasize structure and balance. In the end, positioning and other factors also affect how a brand identity design affects the spectator.

For instance, there are numerous inventive methods to incorporate triangles into logos. To communicate the proper message, several brands also use spirals or straight lines.

This might enhance the logo’s appeal and leave a good first impression on prospective buyers. One of the best logo design aspects that leading firms have always favored is geometric forms.

Negative Space:

This is yet another component of popular logo designs that you will see. Different strategies for utilizing negative space might be employed to produce a creative or meaningful design.

Take a look at one of the most inventive wordmarks as an illustration of how strong messaging can be conveyed using negative space. To emphasize speed and dependability, FedEx added an arrow between the final two letters of its name.

An international audience may recognize the design right away despite its subtlety. Another well-known company that successfully utilized negative space in the design of its logo is Toblerone.

If you look closely, you may see a bear climbing what appears to be a snow-covered mountain in their emblem. There are numerous instances of businesses or brands employing negative space to influence their audience.

Abstract Icons:

With time, this has gained popularity among many firms, especially those in the tech sector. To evoke surprise and keep viewers guessing about the logo design, abstract icons are used. In other cases, you could also encounter brand icons that are obvious and let you know right once what the brand or business offers.

On any digital or print medium, you might be able to instantly recognize a number of abstract images or symbols. Examples of companies that have used abstract iconography to appeal to their global audience include Pepsi, Mitsubishi, and Spotify.

Vivid Colors:

The use of color in logos and graphic design greatly influences how people perceive a brand. You’ll discover that many prestigious brands favor a monochromatic color scheme in their designs.

A few businesses, including Levi’s, NBC, and Subway, have chosen a simple color scheme to emphasize their brand values and draw in a large audience. Consider Levi’s as an example, which has kept its logo straightforward and uses a red and white color scheme to effectively bring attention to its products and marketing materials.

Warm colors:

These consist of reddish tones in the color gradient. Both positive as well as emotions can be represented by hues like red, yellow, and orange.

Red: It has the power to energize and inspire people. It is more commonly used by brands to rapidly capture the interest of potential customers and persuade them to make a purchase.

Orange is seen as a warm and vivacious color that may uplift people. Companies love to include a burst of orange in their logo designs since it can stand out against any background instantaneously.

Yellow: This hue is linked to joy and good times. It is employed to motivate individuals to act and delight in the experience.

Cool colors:

Cooler hues like blue, purple, and green can be found on the opposite side of the color wheel. They have the power to calm and relax people.

  1. a) Blue: It stands for qualities like trustworthiness and dependability. Lighter colors can inspire and give the observer a sense of security.
  2. b) Green: This color is mostly connected to nature and growth. People may experience a sense of peace, hope, or proximity to their surroundings.
  3. c) Purple: Purple is regarded as a royal and opulent color. It also has spirituality and bravery attached to it. Brands employ it in logo design to energize the audience and facilitate easy connection.


You’ll discover that many of the best brands in the world continue to prefer mascot logos. One business that has maintained its well-known mascot over time is Pringles.

People can instantly recognize the brand wherever in the world and choose their items over those of rival brands. Additionally, the Julio mascot has a visage that resembles some of their chips. The most well-known mascot was Mr. Peanut, which Planters introduced.

Even though it is no longer in use, many consumers still associate the company with its recognizable logo rather than the modern, simple wordmark.


Typography hierarchy must be taken into account if your logo design includes both your whole business name and a tagline.

Uneven typography hierarchies have a more strange and scary appearance than anything. People will dislike your logo, but they won’t be able to pinpoint exactly why.

Always take into account the font’s size, weight, and shape. Never use more than two fonts at once. Always keep in mind that balance is key.

A 3D logo:

With its globe emblem that has lines circling it, AT & T is a company that produces a 3D effect. It is a good idea to concentrate on components that are pertinent and stand out clearly on each platform when developing a brand emblem for your website or print materials.


To end with, there are numerous features of iconic logo design for brands that you should keep in mind, and hopefully, this article served as a guide as to which features, in particular, you should look out for.

There are numerous professional custom logo design services that you could employ to create a custom logo for you if needed; simply be sure to mention the points laid out in this article, and your logo should come out iconic!




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