Water and wood are not compatible. Water can seep into the wood making it moist and bloat. Water can damage, weaken, and distort the wood that makes up the furniture and flooring. Therefore, only the best water-resistant or even better, water-proof plywood must be used to make furniture for the home.

The main problem with the plywood market is that it is dominated largely by an unorganized sector. Hence, there are a lot of people claiming that their plywood is the best there is in the market. Only if there was a way to test their claim. Well, there are industry standards that test this plywood based on several criteria.

And there is nothing better than CenturyPly’s Asli waterproof ply, Sainik 710. Sainik 710 is the best waterproof plywood. period. From time to time, it has successfully passed all the rigorous testing. It is manufactured with the most advanced technology which makes it Boiling water-proof (BWP), the highest level of waterproofing which is very hard to get and which is very rare in the market.

Marine Grade ply is another name for BWP.  It is a type of ply that can withstand lengthy water contact without losing any of its general strength and capability. It is called Marine Grade because these plywood are even used in boats and docks given their high waterproofing properties

This technology gives the Sainik 710 plywood several advantages which are as follows.

  • Boiling Water proof

Sainik 710 has got the BWP classification, short for Boiling water-proof, which is obtained after a set of very harsh testing. Boiling Waterproof means that the wood can withstand a staggering time of 72 hours of continuous exposure to boiling water. By embedding this technology, the plywood gets additional strength.

An ordinary ply cannot withstand boiling water for even an hour. In boiling water, the adhesives that hold the sheet together start to dissolve in the hot water, thereby disintegrating in the water. Sainik710 ply, on the other hand, does not get disintegrated and remains intact.

  • Extra strength

Boiling water-proof technology gives the ply additional density, making the wood extremely strong and resilient. This makes the Sainik 710 ply an ideal choice as its strength gives the home structural stability and integrity, making the home safer and more secure. The furniture made with Sainik 710 tends to live longer and the plywood adds to the aesthetics of the furniture.

The Plywood sheets do not deform with time. the shape and structure remain intact.

  • Protection against termite and borer infestation

Another advantage of Sainik 710 is that it protects the furniture against pests like termites which can damage the furniture and your home from within. Sainik 710 comes with a special coating of an anti-termite protective layer that prevents infestation. The best part is that over time, it does not wear off meaning that your home and furniture will last for a very long time.

These were the advantages that Sainik ply brings to the table. With the Amazing properties of Sainik 710, it is ideal for use in water-prone areas such as the kitchen, toilets, and bathrooms. They offer continuous waterproofing for years to come.

CenturyPly is confident in the quality of their product so much so, that they give lucrative offers to their customers.

  • 8-year warranty period – no other business gives a shocking, 8-year warranty period. You will not need to use the warranty as the Sainik 710 is built to last much longer than 8 years.
  • One price – another advantage of buying from the house Centuryply is that their product’s prices are uniform across the nation. It comes with an affordable price of Rs. 105 per unit. That is Rs. 105/unit (*unit=929 sq. cm.)

Final Overview

With Sainik 710 you are assured that you will rarely need a renovation as they will not lose their durability and luster. Your home will be secured from water and termite, elongating its lifespan so much so that the next generation can live without any inconvenience.

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