There have been arguments over whether or not individuals can lay a carpet over tiled floors ever since tile flooring first became popular. Varied professionals in the fields of construction and the building business have different viewpoints on the matter.

An alternative to traditional carpets is carpet tiles. A carpet flooring surface is created by painstakingly installing each square tile. However, like with any flooring solutions, you must be aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of carpet tiles in order to determine whether they are the best option for your requirements.

When Should You Not Opt for Carpet Flooring over Tiles

It’s a great idea to put carpet over tiles. Though, not all tiled floors are suitable for tile installation. For instance, if the tiles have the following problems, carpet installation would not be appropriate:

  • Too Much of Distance Between Grout Lines

The presence of unusually deep and extensive grouting is one circumstance that can make you decide against carpeting a tiled floor. There are grout lines on every tile floor. The space between each tile on these lines varies.

Consequently, if the grout lines are more than 3mm apart, it is generally advised against installing carpet over tile floors. Because these lines are too far apart, the carpet will be uneven.

  • Damaged Tiles

Hollow tiles are referred to as dummy tiles. If you tap a drummy tile with a tool like a pen, it makes a hollow sound. The tile may be defective, badly installed, or about to come off if it makes a hollow sound.

You will end up with an uneven floor and ruined carpet if you lay carpet over drummy or severely damaged tile flooring.

Benefits of Installing Carpets Over Tiles

Here are a few advantages of installing carpets over tiles in your home – 

  • Increased Property Value

The home must be appraised if you intend to sell it or obtain a second mortgage. The condition of your floors is one factor that property appraisers consider when determining their value. Your home’s value is decreased by worn-out and discolored tiles. You can cover sections with these tiles with carpet to prevent this. This is a fantastic and cost-effective approach to raise your home’s worth.

  • Soft and Comfortable Flooring

A child or pet that you own could suffer injuries if they fall on tile flooring. Since this is unavoidable, installing a carpet over a tile is the best choice. When your child or pet falls to the floor, the carpet acts as padding to reduce injury. Also, walking over a carpeted floor is too comfortable for all the dwellers. 

  • Keeps the Home Warm

Some tiles, like ceramic tiles, have a reputation for making a house cold. This necessitates frequent heating of your property. Put a carpet over your tiles to save money on heating. They increase room temperature and keep the ground from being too cold for your feet.

  • Looks Beautiful

Tile flooring is typically expensive to replace and permanent. A carpet over tile flooring is an inexpensive and less obtrusive choice. Numerous readily available carpet patterns can considerably enhance the look of your home. Additionally, carpets add color to drab spaces. This way, you can add a tinge of charm and beauty to your living space. 

Installing Carpet Flooring Over Tiles

The same techniques used to place carpet on cement floors are used to install carpet floors. It is first stretched over the floor, smoothing down any lumps and irregularities. The smooth edges of the carpet are next positioned flush with the edge of the flooring and nailed or glued into the grout. It is done at the grout line closest to the wall on each side of the floor.

In addition to utilising a quality underlay, selecting a quality carpet is necessary for over-tile installation. Choose something with a twist pile if you want the best alternative. It will be difficult to notice any undulation as a result.

Carpets with tight loop lines and a flat surface are not a suitable choice. These are frequently harsh, particularly on a subfloor with slight undulations. When you utilise a high-quality underlay, you may use thin carpets. The underlay makes installation simple by absorbing all sags.


Almost everywhere in the world, carpet is being installed over tiled flooring. As long as you have a professional performing it, it’s not a difficult task.

In short, placing carpet over tile has advantages in terms of cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, you can add a gentle and warm touch by selecting from a number of designs and hues.

However, mold development may occur in high moisture regions, but this is controllable as long as you keep everything dry. If not, employ a professional to complete the installation so you can start enjoying the many advantages of carpeted tile flooring, such as insulation and soundproofing.

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