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What is Netsmart? 

Netsmart Insight is an ARRA-Certified EHR and practice management solution that is completely integrated to meet the unique demands of local medical offices. The software blends a Windows-based architecture into a user-friendly, simple-to-learn, and simple-to-teach solution. 

The software solution is ideal for medical practices of all sizes and supports various health programs like case management, vaccines, infectious illnesses, family and child health services, and many more. In addition, Netsmart EHR Software supports a wide range of specializations, including additional treatment, behavioral health, long-term care, public health, developmental disability treatment, hospice, family services, and child services.  

What distinguishes Netsmart from other medical software?  

Document Management:

EHR-integrated document management and capture systems provide care teams with access to documents from within their EHR.  

  •  Patient privacy needs for document imaging are supported by role-based document security.  
  • Improves clinical decision-making by providing meaningful, actionable information at the moment of care.  

Health Status Monitoring:

A wellness monitoring solution that uses self-reported consumer data to provide care teams with insights and a longitudinal perspective of the health and wellness of consumers under their care.  

  •  Self-reported health indicators promote consumer involvement and wellness.  
  • Provides timely insights on individuals’ health status, allowing for proactive clinical decisions.  

Collection and Billing Services:

When you need it, you can rely on flexible competent billing experience and services.  

  • Assists in ensuring continuous cash flow  
  • Allows you to scale your business as it grows swiftly.  
  • Eligibility Control  
  • By validating coverage for the population, you serve, eligibility management systems improve billing accuracy.  

Clearinghouse solution:

Batch verification and real-time eligibility are possible through the clearinghouse solution.  

  • Discovery of primary, secondary, and tertiary coverage, including active government and commercial insurance coverage  

PaaS (Platform as a Service):

Allow Netsmart to handle your software solutions in a secure healthcare cloud, so you can focus on what matters: providing care.  

  • Predictability of costs and general peace of mind  
  • More time for your IT personnel to concentrate on business requirements  

Clinical Quality Indicators:

The clinical quality measures solution is a web-based program that provides users with a real-time evaluation of value-based reimbursement reporting while making monitoring quality measures straightforward and quick.  

  •  Removes the need for complex calculations for reporting measurements, allowing the company to focus resources on maximizing results.  
  • It gives visibility into a clinician’s caseload, enabling performance evaluations from an outcomes management standpoint.  

Third-Party Liability and the Clearinghouse:

RevConnect Clearinghouse is a complete, customizable claims submission and remittance management platform that improves first-pass acceptance rates (98 percent or higher), accelerates delivery to payers, and lowers denials.  

  • Eligibility verification is integrated with claim processing and indicates any problems.  
  • Provides the user with quick and clear correcting guidance.  


An integration engine that enables companies to communicate with providers in all care contexts.  

  •  Provides a single point of contact for connecting to the greater healthcare ecosystem.  
  • Reduces costs and increases safety by avoiding redundant or unnecessary treatment during care transitions.  

Mobile Dispatch:

Mobile dispatch makes route planning easier and allows users to respond to requests promptly.  

  •  It simplifies scheduling and saves administrators time when planning visits.  
  • Visit assignments are optimized, allowing users to see more patients.  


Make tracking compliance with state rules, prior authorizations, and claim submissions easier.  

  • Manual reporting is reduced.  
  • Indicates which claims match and which require additional information before payment.  


Telehealth software gives consumers unparalleled access to real-time quality care from various provider specialties.  

  • Removes geographic restrictions that may hinder people from accessing adequate care.  
  • Provider coverage is expanded by allowing care to be given and received anywhere.  

Netsmart pricing information 

Pricing for Netsmart is available upon request. It provides its customers with immediate, round-the-clock phone help.  The company provides training services, and its programmed are available from the time you install your software until you stop utilizing the service. In addition, training contains both standard and customized information to assist your users. Netsmart EHR is accessible on any device, and an extra benefit is that it does not require internet access to provide EHR services when utilized in the field after a device is synchronized.  

What is Picasso EMR?   

Picasso EHR Software by, a web-based EHR system, provides a variety of health IT applications, including patient scheduling, medical billing, and practice management. This software is ONC-ATCB 2014 certified and meets Meaningful Use 1 and 2 requirements. In addition, this software supports a wide range of medical specialties, including dermatology, optometry, general practice, and anesthesia.  

How Features of Picasso EHR can be beneficial for your practice  

Patient Portal:

Patients can use the patient portal to access their clinical records, communicate with doctors, pay bills online, and request appointments.  

Backs up of data:

Picasso EHR Software backs up the data daily so that vital information, such as patient medical files, may be accessible even if the internet connection is lost.  


The Reporting system allows you to download various reports such as payments, accounts receivable, adjustment reports, and performance indicators.  

Built-in templates:

Because it offers built-in templates and a rich library of reports, this program speeds up chores like billing and patient documentation. Furthermore, the Picasso EHR Software Tutorial enables consumers to follow along and quickly grasp the product. This program also reduces the cost of using paper forms.  

Pre-configured EHR:

The platform includes a pre-configured EHR, and an outstanding customer support team is always available to provide users with information as needed.  


It provides post-implementation, support, and training to ensure a successful and seamless transition. So, Picasso EHR Software is compatible with both Microsoft and Apple operating systems.  

Picasso EHR pricing   

Picasso EHR is an emerging solution that ranks 100000 among all Medical Software based on our research analysts’ findings and four crowd-sourced reviews from two sources. Hence, Picasso EHR is reasonably priced, starting at $450, and is best suited for small or medium-sized organizations. In addition, Picasso EHR is cloud-based and available on several platforms, including Windows devices. 

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